Entry: 14 Apr 26, 2007

Today on our walk Clemmy and I found a friend...

We've brought Herman home, as we've dubbed him (of course it's possible it's a her, in which case we might need to make a name change).

Herman is a precious little turtle who was quite bruised and battered when we found him. Two large piece of his upper shell are missing, and he was caked in mud. It appears someone didn't take very good care of their pet. I had quite a number of pet turtles when I was a kid, as well as many other reptiles, and to this day I am still a sucker for them. I'm not sure if we can keep Herman with Clemmy around so if there is anyone in the Chicago area who might want to give Herman a permanent home let me know.

Update: Since we found Herman, A lovely reader of this blog, April was kind enough to send us info on what type of turtle Herman is, and what we should feed him. Thanks April!


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