Entry: 11 Apr 8, 2007

Both dress and top are finished, but I have only had a chance to photograph one. I finished the Navajo fabric blouse first. I used the length of the mini-dress the pattern offered instead, and added little gathers in the front to create a more flattering fit.

Forgive the indoor, bad light pictures...winter decided to make a comeback in Chicago:

A closer look at the gathers I added:

Photos of the adorable new plaid dress to come soon...


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April 12, 2007   02:28 PM PDT
oo, that turned out so cute! Nice to see you posting now and again. Good luck with comps, and happy belated birthday!
April 10, 2007   10:14 PM PDT
I love the motion picture of Clemmy below you... looking good :)
April 9, 2007   01:07 PM PDT
it looks great georgia!!!!
but you know i love everything you make!!
April 9, 2007   11:34 AM PDT
Very cute! I love the orange stitches, too.
April 9, 2007   06:21 AM PDT
That is a great top. I like the adjustments you made to fit your body. That is the mark of a true seamstress when adjustments are made to fit. Great job!

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