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Mar 22, 2007

I've never fancied myself a dog person. In fact i would probably say I was anti-dog...that is until two days ago. I just didn't appreciate the smell, the shedding, and the mouths on the big ones scare the hell out of me. But two days ago I met this little girl, and I forgot about everything I didn't like about dogs, and began to realize there are some things I actually really like about dogs, in fact love.

Meet Clementine, or Clemmy as we call her:

She is the first dog I have ever owned, and lucky for me she is a quiet little cuddle-bug. Clemmy a pure-bred beagle. Now I promise not to turn this into a blog full of endless animal pictures. I really don't want to see a hundred pictures of someone else's cat or dog, and I don't expect anyone to want to see a ton of mine either. Clemmy will appear from time to time, but not everytime.

Besides being very focused on the dog (and comps), I have been worrying quite frequently about the sad state of these pillows:

They are a gift from my mother. They were made from an old crazy quilt my mother had hanging up when I was a little girl. I love them and feel very sentimental about them. I think most of the fabric pieces come from silk scarves. The material is old and very fragile. Soon many of my favorite pieces will be gone completely. To keep from forgetting what they looked like I have taken some close-ups.

Here are two for your viewing pleasure:

Finally the porch is getting closer to completion. We live on the third floor, and the second floor is almost done. Yippee! Spring planting here I come.

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Mar 18, 2007

So what happens when you say you'll do something outlandish like post a meal a week? Well, I guess you all know...
Although I doubt it will be a weekly occurrence I must share the Sunday morning munchies I whipped up, fresh raspberry scones and banana-nut muffins.

I recently found out I am to be an aunt for a third time around. My baby sister is having a baby. My, my, time does seem to zoom by. Luke and I found an adorable little stuffed horsey at the beautiful Sweden Shop on Foster Avenue (which by the way if you live in Chicago you should visit). But it felt kind of impersonal as a congratulatory gift, and so last weekend I knit her this little sweater. The pattern is from Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss, but in true Georgia form I modified the pattern to have this little opening and blue button. Something about that blue, I can't get enough of it...

There is also a cute little hat to with, but daylight is gone so picture-taking is done.

This past week was spring break, and while giving some effort to truly study and work on papers, I had to take a couple time-outs for thrifting. My mom and I hit the Salvation Army in Uptown, and I was pleased to find a kitchen tool I truly loved as a child, a nut chopper. It isn't the first I've found thrifting, but the color was so perfect it had to come home. The beautiful gray and blue bowl in the background is also credited to that day.

And I couldn't skip my favorite west side haunt where I found the most adorable matchy-matchy teacups and fabric.

Also I got this set little garden pair to hopefully do some planting on our new and much improved porch. Which veggies can grow well in pots instead of the ground?

Oh, yes the cute vintage rainbow fabric hails from the same thrifting trip as well. Chicago keeps fooling me with glimpses of spring, this fabric helps on the cloudy days. How one can be fooled after living in the same place for 25 years is beyond me, but it happens...

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Jan 26, 2007

So no luck so far on etsy...oh well. I didn't have any huge hopes so I'm not feeling too dashed...

On to another subject. I said I would try to start posting pictures of at least one meal a week. It'll be amazing if I post one meal a month, but here's hoping.
For dinner yesterday I made a most delicious jambalaya with organic andouille sausage...yum...as well as buttermilk biscuits:

Of course this had to be followed by dessert...bananas foster over vanilla ice cream:

If this all sounds somewhat familiar to you...Well, it is from the February 2007 issue of Martha Stewart Living. My Martha, she never lets me down (well, with the exception of jail thing).

Since school started there hasn't been any crafting around here. I would really like to do some more little paintings. I had a blast making those. I have also been thinking about doing a couple combination pieces of silkscreening and embroidery. So next time I post I'll try to have some kind of crafty adventure for you to look at.

p.s. if you are needing a crafty fix check out the amazing little valentine's pails joy made at Knit & Pearl.

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Jan 15, 2007

Well, after some encouragement from friends and even some of my blog buddies out there I have started an etsy shop. It doesn't have much in it, but I am excited anyhow. Outside of the little bazaar Joy hosts before Christmas, I haven't ever tried to sell my stuff. It's going to be interesting to see if anything sells.

If you would like to check out my etsy shop click ... HERE!

This is a group photo of six dolls that I posted for sale:

Outside of these dolls, my crafting has been minimal. I have just spent these last weeks resting and pouring through books. My final semester at university begins tomorrow, and I just felt like the school break was my opportunity to store up on rest and relaxation.

I have been cooking quite alot, but I just can't seem to make myself take pictures of the fancy things I make. (I love those blogs that show off wonderful dinners and recipes.) Instead the only meal I managed a photo of over the entire holidays was my cop-out of breakfast for dinner a couple nights ago...

Whole-wheat waffles, homemade blueberry sauce, whip cream...yummy & easy:

Maybe I should make a goal...post at least one meal a week?

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Dec 13, 2006

So I have exams started tomorrow at 10AM-3PM...It isn't that it's an early day or anything, but it just seems so long to have no break from essay writing.

Wish me luck!

Over the weekend Joy hosted a small craft fair and I sold a few things. But because my camera is an awful old dud that only allows you to take twelve pictures at a time, I have none of the fair and only a couple of the things I made. (This summer I finally invested in a new one, but I had it stolen on the first day of our vacation before I had even taken one photo...boo, hoo.)

Here are the couple photos I managed before leaving for the fair...

Small hand-painted calendars:



Multi-cultural Clothespin Dolls:

Each set included 4 dolls, and a lovely little brown wool-felt pouch with vintage button clasp. I didn't manage to get any pictures of them though...

I was very fortunate, and sold out of every single item I made.

Now I am off to bed. I will attempt to sleep, but I know all my dreams will be about showing up late or forgetting all the answers to my exams...

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Dec 3, 2006

As I was perusing blogs a few days ago I was just so struck by the Christmas fever. Despite having no time to devote to Christmas crafts (finals are next week), I spent the last two days staying up until the wee hours just too make some craft time. So the two bugs that bit me the most were the beautiful button wreaths I saw at Little Birds which lead me to Pixiegenne's as well, and the lovely little Christmas villages everyone seems to own. Every one but me...

So here are my answers to the Christmas Craft Fever...

My own handmade Christmas village in it's early construction fase:

Finto! I am so proud of myself:

(the snow is merino wool I had stashed for a spinning project)

And since I can't resist, individual photos of each little building I made:

I also went on to make 6 little button wreaths myself, though they are still lacking in ribbon...







So I love 'em, and now I just need to string them up...

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Nov 30, 2006

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned what thrift store hound I am...well, I am. I just love the hunt you experience in a thrift store. It is that chance to get a one of a kind fantastic old thing. I grew up in a family of avid thrifting and antiquing addicts. So I guess it was bound to happen to me.

Lately I have discovered a new and tiny one-room thrift store around the corner from my apartment. It seems to be endlessly full of treasures. (Now I'm making myself want to go.) My latest treasures are...

These fantastic white, pink, and gold-plated mixing bowls:

This blue teapot just screamed my name, and I couldn't put it back despite the $12 price tag (I talked the lady down to $6, I'm a broke student):

I have been so attracted to this blue lately. So attracted that Luke purchased me this slipcover for my couch from ebay:

It kinda reminds me of Tiffany & Co. blue, but more subtle:

So I have been crafting, but not photographing so here is my lone shot of some more Russian stuffie-dolls:

So I am off to try and complete somes goals today:
Cleaning (ugh!)
& maybe Thrifting
(Oh Yeah, make turkey & wild rice soup from leftovers)

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Nov 21, 2006

Wow, I was so amazed that people actually still check my blog after all these months. Thank you so much for the comments and support on the revamp. Like I have said before, I think I post most when I am stressed, and trying to finish up my degree by May is definately a stress. Luke and I moved yet again...crazy I know. Anyhow in the move I rediscovered how much I love to knit, craft, and share it online with all my wonderful blog friends.

I have started on the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. I know white isn't the most practical, but I love how fluffy and like snow they seem.

I am also keeping my new sewing machine busy. I am working on the Pointy Kitty pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.  I just need to stitch down my kitty's stripes and add a face.

I love the patterns at Wee Wonderfuls. Hillary is so sweet to share them for free.

My sister-in-law is just starting to craft, and I am going to try and get her to start a blog. She made a wonderful set of pajamas for my niece over the weekend. Anyhow I'll keep you posted if she starts one...

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Nov 18, 2006

It has been nine months since I last posted, and I figured if I was going to make an attempt to start posting again it was time for a little face lift. Anyhow all old posts, comments, and tags are no more, I am starting afresh.

I have been knitting and crafting alot more lately...

Here is a doll I made last night, inspired by a Russian nesting doll:

And here is some fabric I bought at Joann's as well:

Lots more to come...

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