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Mar 22, 2007

I've never fancied myself a dog person. In fact i would probably say I was anti-dog...that is until two days ago. I just didn't appreciate the smell, the shedding, and the mouths on the big ones scare the hell out of me. But two days ago I met this little girl, and I forgot about everything I didn't like about dogs, and began to realize there are some things I actually really like about dogs, in fact love.

Meet Clementine, or Clemmy as we call her:

She is the first dog I have ever owned, and lucky for me she is a quiet little cuddle-bug. Clemmy a pure-bred beagle. Now I promise not to turn this into a blog full of endless animal pictures. I really don't want to see a hundred pictures of someone else's cat or dog, and I don't expect anyone to want to see a ton of mine either. Clemmy will appear from time to time, but not everytime.

Besides being very focused on the dog (and comps), I have been worrying quite frequently about the sad state of these pillows:

They are a gift from my mother. They were made from an old crazy quilt my mother had hanging up when I was a little girl. I love them and feel very sentimental about them. I think most of the fabric pieces come from silk scarves. The material is old and very fragile. Soon many of my favorite pieces will be gone completely. To keep from forgetting what they looked like I have taken some close-ups.

Here are two for your viewing pleasure:

Finally the porch is getting closer to completion. We live on the third floor, and the second floor is almost done. Yippee! Spring planting here I come.

Posted at 11:40 am by georgiacoleman

April 2, 2007   01:00 PM PDT
Clemmy is so cute! And the pillows are beautiful, I wish there was a way to make that sort of thing last forever.
March 28, 2007   08:43 PM PDT
Oh, such a sweet little doggie! I've always had such a soft spot for beagles.

I love that little sweater. I've knit it straight-up from the pattern, but I really like your modification. Great job!
March 23, 2007   01:19 AM PDT
Puppies are so cute. =)

I love the pillows! What if you deconstruct them and frame the quilted parts?
March 22, 2007   09:19 PM PDT
Clemmy is a cutie!!!
the next best thing to having kids-Ha!!!

I bet she'll keep you in good company while Luke is at work.
March 22, 2007   07:44 PM PDT
Oh, what gorgeous pillows!!
March 22, 2007   02:41 PM PDT
Aw, a beagle! That's long been the kind of dog I'd like to own, even though I'm not the biggest dog fan either. She looks so sweet!
March 22, 2007   02:04 PM PDT
Don't worry about posting photos about your dog, she is adorable! We are bringing home a dog this weekend and we are very excited.

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