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Mar 18, 2007

So what happens when you say you'll do something outlandish like post a meal a week? Well, I guess you all know...
Although I doubt it will be a weekly occurrence I must share the Sunday morning munchies I whipped up, fresh raspberry scones and banana-nut muffins.

I recently found out I am to be an aunt for a third time around. My baby sister is having a baby. My, my, time does seem to zoom by. Luke and I found an adorable little stuffed horsey at the beautiful Sweden Shop on Foster Avenue (which by the way if you live in Chicago you should visit). But it felt kind of impersonal as a congratulatory gift, and so last weekend I knit her this little sweater. The pattern is from Baby Knits by Debbie Bliss, but in true Georgia form I modified the pattern to have this little opening and blue button. Something about that blue, I can't get enough of it...

There is also a cute little hat to with, but daylight is gone so picture-taking is done.

This past week was spring break, and while giving some effort to truly study and work on papers, I had to take a couple time-outs for thrifting. My mom and I hit the Salvation Army in Uptown, and I was pleased to find a kitchen tool I truly loved as a child, a nut chopper. It isn't the first I've found thrifting, but the color was so perfect it had to come home. The beautiful gray and blue bowl in the background is also credited to that day.

And I couldn't skip my favorite west side haunt where I found the most adorable matchy-matchy teacups and fabric.

Also I got this set little garden pair to hopefully do some planting on our new and much improved porch. Which veggies can grow well in pots instead of the ground?

Oh, yes the cute vintage rainbow fabric hails from the same thrifting trip as well. Chicago keeps fooling me with glimpses of spring, this fabric helps on the cloudy days. How one can be fooled after living in the same place for 25 years is beyond me, but it happens...

Posted at 07:40 pm by georgiacoleman

March 19, 2007   06:38 AM PDT
it all looks great!! i love the sweater and the cute little button, I am glad to see you posted again-the blog looks great and your pictures look so crisp.

when are you going to take me to that thrift store?
March 19, 2007   03:23 AM PDT
oh love it all! those muffins made me very hungry :)
garlic grows very well in pots, you just stuff one bit in it, and up comes a new bulb of garlic... so one bulb to start with makes lots of new ones ;)
March 19, 2007   12:27 AM PDT
That sweater is adorable. :) The nut-chopper was always my favorite kitchen tool, too. Such a nifty invention!

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