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Jan 26, 2007

So no luck so far on etsy...oh well. I didn't have any huge hopes so I'm not feeling too dashed...

On to another subject. I said I would try to start posting pictures of at least one meal a week. It'll be amazing if I post one meal a month, but here's hoping.
For dinner yesterday I made a most delicious jambalaya with organic andouille sausage...yum...as well as buttermilk biscuits:

Of course this had to be followed by dessert...bananas foster over vanilla ice cream:

If this all sounds somewhat familiar to you...Well, it is from the February 2007 issue of Martha Stewart Living. My Martha, she never lets me down (well, with the exception of jail thing).

Since school started there hasn't been any crafting around here. I would really like to do some more little paintings. I had a blast making those. I have also been thinking about doing a couple combination pieces of silkscreening and embroidery. So next time I post I'll try to have some kind of crafty adventure for you to look at.

p.s. if you are needing a crafty fix check out the amazing little valentine's pails joy made at Knit & Pearl.

Posted at 04:50 pm by georgiacoleman

February 7, 2007   08:12 AM PST
Those qute dollies should have names I think. They get more personal this way?! Look forward to more of your stuff on the Etsy!
January 30, 2007   06:16 AM PST
the dolls are beautiful, don't get discouraged!
January 29, 2007   12:16 PM PST
if I could eat the screen, I would.
January 26, 2007   09:22 PM PST
Don't worry about etsy. The dolls are beautiful. I think it is getting harder for anybody to sell anything on etsy, there are just so many people selling, so many different things. On the other hand, it's been just 2 week or so. Don't give up:) I would totally buy one if I wasn't just a poor student;)

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