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Jan 15, 2007

Well, after some encouragement from friends and even some of my blog buddies out there I have started an etsy shop. It doesn't have much in it, but I am excited anyhow. Outside of the little bazaar Joy hosts before Christmas, I haven't ever tried to sell my stuff. It's going to be interesting to see if anything sells.

If you would like to check out my etsy shop click ... HERE!

This is a group photo of six dolls that I posted for sale:

Outside of these dolls, my crafting has been minimal. I have just spent these last weeks resting and pouring through books. My final semester at university begins tomorrow, and I just felt like the school break was my opportunity to store up on rest and relaxation.

I have been cooking quite alot, but I just can't seem to make myself take pictures of the fancy things I make. (I love those blogs that show off wonderful dinners and recipes.) Instead the only meal I managed a photo of over the entire holidays was my cop-out of breakfast for dinner a couple nights ago...

Whole-wheat waffles, homemade blueberry sauce, whip cream...yummy & easy:

Maybe I should make a goal...post at least one meal a week?

Posted at 08:54 pm by georgiacoleman

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January 19, 2007   06:10 AM PST
I'm so glad you opened an etsy shop - I've always almired your wonderful crafts. And those waffles look fabulous, certainly not a cop-up at all. I love drooling over food posts, so I'm all for a meal-a-week!
January 16, 2007   05:09 PM PST
i forgot to tell you taht beth started an etsy site too!! mercymama.etsy.com
January 16, 2007   01:36 PM PST
i knew it was just a matter of time-they look great! and if you make some clothespin dolls for your site, could you make me 1 extra dress?mattie lost one and she loves playing with them and chewing them.
your sewing looks flawless
January 16, 2007   10:48 AM PST
Those dolls are adorable! I think your shop will do very well!
January 16, 2007   06:55 AM PST
thanks for coming back! lovely to read you again. your shop dolls are great - I love the happily surprised faces. x
January 15, 2007   10:25 PM PST
georgia! i'm so glad you're back - i've missed your beautiful postings. thank you for sharing, they inspire me to keep knitting and creating! (good luck on your 1st day back!)

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