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Dec 13, 2006

So I have exams started tomorrow at 10AM-3PM...It isn't that it's an early day or anything, but it just seems so long to have no break from essay writing.

Wish me luck!

Over the weekend Joy hosted a small craft fair and I sold a few things. But because my camera is an awful old dud that only allows you to take twelve pictures at a time, I have none of the fair and only a couple of the things I made. (This summer I finally invested in a new one, but I had it stolen on the first day of our vacation before I had even taken one photo...boo, hoo.)

Here are the couple photos I managed before leaving for the fair...

Small hand-painted calendars:



Multi-cultural Clothespin Dolls:

Each set included 4 dolls, and a lovely little brown wool-felt pouch with vintage button clasp. I didn't manage to get any pictures of them though...

I was very fortunate, and sold out of every single item I made.

Now I am off to bed. I will attempt to sleep, but I know all my dreams will be about showing up late or forgetting all the answers to my exams...

Posted at 01:05 am by georgiacoleman

stephanie c.
February 11, 2007   03:37 PM PST
georgia, your paintings are really really good. so professional, i hope you keep doing more. is that acrylic?
January 11, 2007   11:51 PM PST
Georgia! Glad to see you are back! I hadn't checked your blog in a while but I am sure glad I finally did. Love the new look.
January 10, 2007   04:33 AM PST
Please post again soon! I love reading your blog - it's friendly and inspiring. xxx
December 17, 2006   04:23 PM PST
Love the calendars and dolls - such lovely work! Hope your exam went well.
December 17, 2006   08:04 AM PST
Hope your exams went well! Have you ever considered setting up an etsy shop . . . those calendars and clothespin dolls are adorable!
December 13, 2006   04:50 PM PST
i am so glad i snatched up one of your dolls for mattie and the clothespin dolls for pearl-you know they'll play with both of them for hours.
let's go thrift store shopping to celebrate your finals being over.
December 13, 2006   10:26 AM PST
I love, love your calendars. They are so wonderfully unique and you have a great sense of color and use of space. Circles are my favourite design element. I love the dolls too. Good luck with your exams. It's always such a relief when they are over with. Hope you don't get a hand cramp with all the essay writing.
December 13, 2006   06:20 AM PST
Best wishes on your exams today!!!! Your work is beautiful and I look forward to seeing more of your post. It helps me stay focused on being creative.

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