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Dec 3, 2006

As I was perusing blogs a few days ago I was just so struck by the Christmas fever. Despite having no time to devote to Christmas crafts (finals are next week), I spent the last two days staying up until the wee hours just too make some craft time. So the two bugs that bit me the most were the beautiful button wreaths I saw at Little Birds which lead me to Pixiegenne's as well, and the lovely little Christmas villages everyone seems to own. Every one but me...

So here are my answers to the Christmas Craft Fever...

My own handmade Christmas village in it's early construction fase:

Finto! I am so proud of myself:

(the snow is merino wool I had stashed for a spinning project)

And since I can't resist, individual photos of each little building I made:

I also went on to make 6 little button wreaths myself, though they are still lacking in ribbon...







So I love 'em, and now I just need to string them up...

Posted at 08:48 pm by georgiacoleman

bellina buban
January 7, 2007   06:34 AM PST
I love your little dolls and button wreaths. Although I am a knitter I do enjoy other crafts and these are great ideas.. Can you post the pattern for the little dolls??? I think I can do the wreaths...

Love your ideas keep em coming
December 7, 2006   11:57 PM PST
I have a really unrelated question. . .
I'm knitting the Letter Have It bag from S&B Nation for my roommate for christmas, and suddenly realized that the center panel is WAY bigger than the side panels. Is it just going to shrink up a lot or did I do something wrong? This is my first go at felting, so I'm a little out of my element. If you could let me know I would SO appreciate it. . .
my email is jamesmad@rider.edu
December 7, 2006   05:50 AM PST
You should be proud of yourself - what an adorable village! Something you'll surely enjoy displaying year after year. Hope your holiday crafting spree continues!
December 6, 2006   03:29 PM PST
georgia,those are amazing-i want to see them in person!!!
see you at the bazaar
December 6, 2006   02:52 PM PST
The villlage is really very creative. I love the "flowiness" of the snow.

great job.
December 4, 2006   07:42 PM PST
Very impressive! The village is absolutely beautiful! I'm a little curious about the button wreaths...is there a backing? Or are they just glued on top of each other?
December 4, 2006   02:52 PM PST
I love the village! And button wreaths -- how could I have never known about this idea? So cute!

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