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Nov 30, 2006

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned what thrift store hound I am...well, I am. I just love the hunt you experience in a thrift store. It is that chance to get a one of a kind fantastic old thing. I grew up in a family of avid thrifting and antiquing addicts. So I guess it was bound to happen to me.

Lately I have discovered a new and tiny one-room thrift store around the corner from my apartment. It seems to be endlessly full of treasures. (Now I'm making myself want to go.) My latest treasures are...

These fantastic white, pink, and gold-plated mixing bowls:

This blue teapot just screamed my name, and I couldn't put it back despite the $12 price tag (I talked the lady down to $6, I'm a broke student):

I have been so attracted to this blue lately. So attracted that Luke purchased me this slipcover for my couch from ebay:

It kinda reminds me of Tiffany & Co. blue, but more subtle:

So I have been crafting, but not photographing so here is my lone shot of some more Russian stuffie-dolls:

So I am off to try and complete somes goals today:
Cleaning (ugh!)
& maybe Thrifting
(Oh Yeah, make turkey & wild rice soup from leftovers)

Posted at 12:11 pm by georgiacoleman

December 3, 2006   01:10 PM PST
So glad that you're back! I was just thinking about you; you were the inspiration for me learning to knit and starting a blog. =)

The plush russian dolls are adorable! I may have to make a few of my own.

Recently I've been missing thrifting so much. Just moved from the States to Germany, and there isn't much thrifting to be done here (at least not that I can find so far). Very sad. Will have to do it as soon as I go home on a visit...
December 2, 2006   09:37 PM PST
What beautiful "finds" you have there! That tea pot is beautiful! ^_^
November 30, 2006   08:34 PM PST
love the dolls, especially the dark skinned ones!!!
and what about our trip to the thrift store, you must share all of these secrets with me.
miss you
November 30, 2006   07:54 PM PST
your new blog looks great. it's strange - i just went looking for your blog today to find that cute crochet flower pattern you posted ages ago...funny how timing works sometimes.... and i love the teapot!
Dr. B.
November 30, 2006   01:04 PM PST
The site looks beautiful, and those dolls are absolutely glorious.

Welcome back!

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