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Nov 21, 2006

Wow, I was so amazed that people actually still check my blog after all these months. Thank you so much for the comments and support on the revamp. Like I have said before, I think I post most when I am stressed, and trying to finish up my degree by May is definately a stress. Luke and I moved yet again...crazy I know. Anyhow in the move I rediscovered how much I love to knit, craft, and share it online with all my wonderful blog friends.

I have started on the Log Cabin Socks from Handknit Holidays. I know white isn't the most practical, but I love how fluffy and like snow they seem.

I am also keeping my new sewing machine busy. I am working on the Pointy Kitty pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.  I just need to stitch down my kitty's stripes and add a face.

I love the patterns at Wee Wonderfuls. Hillary is so sweet to share them for free.

My sister-in-law is just starting to craft, and I am going to try and get her to start a blog. She made a wonderful set of pajamas for my niece over the weekend. Anyhow I'll keep you posted if she starts one...

Posted at 11:49 am by georgiacoleman

November 29, 2006   07:33 PM PST
I am so glad to see you back. I have been keeping my eye out. Your blog is great and I really look forward to seeing what unfolds. Fresh starts are fantastic. I love the Log Cabin socks. I have pointy kitty myself. It is a great pattern.
November 27, 2006   03:17 PM PST
it was definitely a wonderful surprise to see that you've returned to us :D

I want some of those Log Cabin Socks. They will be wonderful for me since my feet are always cold.
November 26, 2006   09:46 AM PST
I am so happy you're back!! I checked every few weeks during the "dry spell"... Yay!!
Happy Holidays!
November 25, 2006   04:09 PM PST
Nice to see you back blogging again :)
November 24, 2006   04:56 PM PST
I'm glad you came back! I discovered your blog after you had stopped posting but kept the address anyways because I liked the "flair" of it and got inspired by it. I hope this will encourage you to continue!
November 24, 2006   03:09 PM PST
Georgia! It's great to see that you're posting again. The new layout looks great. I really missed reading your posts. Welcome back.
November 24, 2006   09:37 AM PST
Please put your old posts back up if you can! I would always look on there for inspiration because all of your stuff is sooo cute! But I'm glad your back - you have the best blog I've come across!
November 23, 2006   11:12 AM PST
Welcome back!!!! What a delight to see a new post today!!!! I'm gonna miss your old posts as well! I was always searching through them for something, but starting fresh is always great too! ^_^ Love the sewn toys! Very cute and fun!
November 22, 2006   02:42 PM PST
Great to see you posting again! I have to admit that I miss your old design (and posts! I used to refer to some of your old projects from time to time), but onward and upward!

These are some lovely projects!
November 22, 2006   09:58 AM PST
Hey, welcome back to blogging! I love love love your new template! It looks great!
November 22, 2006   09:36 AM PST
Oh! I used to lurk on your blog and really enjoyed your posts. I'm glad you're back. I'm thinking of making some Log Cabin socks for my dad. What kind of yarn is that? Lamb's Pride?
November 22, 2006   06:04 AM PST
My, you have been busy! I definitely think blogging is a helpful stress antidote - knitters are so supportive! Hope you keep it up!

Great socks - I adore the log cabin socks pattern. Maybe not the best color for wearing out, but perfect for a cozy day at home!
November 22, 2006   05:42 AM PST
there you are! wahey!

love the logcabins in white. gorgeous. i meant to make some for the husband, but now i think i need a second pair for myself - in white ;-)
November 21, 2006   04:09 PM PST
I'm so happy you're back!! I've really missed you :)

November 21, 2006   03:37 PM PST
Woo hoo, a post! Love the new personal pic, it looks romantically Victorian.
November 21, 2006   03:24 PM PST
i knew you would come back!!!!
i was thrilled to see your post!!!!
love you!!!
November 21, 2006   03:14 PM PST
I was always a lurker, but I'm delurking to say that it's great to see you back! I'm lovin' your Log Cabin socks... I have a pair on the needles in gray, but the white is just gorgeous.
November 21, 2006   02:55 PM PST
glad to see your page pop up on bloglines - l love your revamp. Keep posting! It's always cool to see what you're working on.
November 21, 2006   02:10 PM PST
It's great to see you back. Definitely missed you. :)

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