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Sep 11, 2007

Busy summers are no excuse not to blog since June, but that's the only one I have. This summer we went to France and Italy, and I realized that I was supposed to be an European and somehow the stork accidentally dropped me in Chicago. Then it was off to Canada last weekend for a wedding, and to top it all off we are trying to close on our place by early next week. My head is spinning, but I know things will calm down soon...

A couple weeks ago I remembered that this used to be a blog primarily about knitting, and so for those who still check it hoping for some knitting content here you go.

I have started, well almost finished, a pair of booties for my new niece. Her arrival is only a couple weeks away and I am so excited. The colors are crazy, hopefully not too crazy for my sister...

Clown shoes:

Also for long time readers, you may remember these socks, which never reached completion, have been once again resurrected. When I head to bed I drag this project with me. Complete a few rounds and I'm out. Maybe that's why I didn't finish sooner...

Only the toe left:

Lately my friend Anya and I have been hanging out alot. It is so fantastic to be around someone who loves so many of the same things I do. Besides sewing, quilting, and being all around gifted she is an amazing woodworker...I wish I had her skills! A couple weekends ago we hit up some garage sales and the Bucktown Arts Fair. Check out my prizes from the day.

Yellow ceramic lamp, quilting goods, Pampered Chef casserole dish, and basket purse (all that for $12.50):

I also went thrifting with my sisters and found a couple cute things.

Apple vase, printed glass plates, and another wooden handled utensil:

I have never understood those who don't thrift, junk, whatever you call it. It may be that people only appreciate it if they grew up that way? I don't know.

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November 23, 2011   06:29 AM PST
I was interested read this post.
December 22, 2007   07:56 PM PST
hey slacker... ummmm
well, have a wonderful Christmas :)
September 16, 2007   08:12 PM PDT
Thank you. Welcome back, always.
September 12, 2007   03:19 AM PDT
I love thrifting! I certainly don't do it often enough though.

The booties are adorable, and your socks remind me that I need to knit myself another pair (mine had a laundry accident...) I love the shade of green you're using.

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