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May 8, 2007

Posts have been scarce with school finally coming to a close. I feel a massive relief knowing I am really done for good, not just for the summer or winter breaks, but for good...

Sad and happy news on our home front... Herman died. I think Clem was more attached to him than I was. Anytime I left the door open she would race to the bathroom, and peer over the edge of tub at him. I wasn't surprised when I found him dead; after all he was the most battered turtle I've ever laid eyes on.

Our happy news is something we've known for a while now, but I haven't mentioned. We have been approved for a loan, and are going to buy a house. I grew up in Chicago, in a household rich with love and low on finances. I never even considered that there might be a day when I could buy my own home. And now that it is here I feel a little awe-struck and very blessed. I am so excited that Luke and I will finally have the opportunity to create and appreciate a space that is our own...I think I might have to start a second blog to document the whole process.

In closing, I hate to post without any pictures (usually I include too many) so here is a photo of some of my favorite vintage cooking utensils I took a while back...

...the variations are fantastic, and I have to wonder why they don't make 'em like they used to.

Posted at 07:12 pm by georgiacoleman

May 11, 2007   10:43 AM PDT
another excuse to hit the thrift stores!!
Have you started shopping yet? Jannelle is obsessed with looking for a house.
Congrats on your Graduation!!!
I am proud of you-Hope all goes well on Saturday.
May 9, 2007   07:29 PM PDT
That is so cool! Congrats on your soon-to-be home ownership.

I love your vintage kitchen stuff - I have a few pieces myself, and you're right - they (usually) don't make 'em like they used to.


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