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Apr 22, 2007

The happenings at our household this weekend have been slow and relaxed. I came down with a bad cold / throat thing, and spent most of Saturday lying on the couch piling up the Kleenex. Sick of watching tv and my head too fuzzy to concentrate on a book, I remembered an embroidery project I planned to start. I loved that one issue of Martha with all the bird embroidery. So I printed out the pattern from her website, and kept myself happy (or as happy as one can be confined to the couch) with a few hours of redwork.

I am so happy with the results I plan to frame it, and I have almost completed a second one to make a lovely pair.

The only other excitement Saturday brought was a copy of a book in which two of my knitting patterns were published. Eons ago I was contacted by a publisher asking if I would be willing to contribute two or more patterns to a teen knitting book destined for release in the Fall of 2006. Even though I think there are way too many teen / kid-based knitting books out there, I couldn't turn down the offer for a little cash, and who doesn't like to be published. I should have been prepared for how long it would take to get my copy of the book, after all it was months before I received my copy of SNB Nation after I was published there. Anyhow here are a couple snippets of what I contributed.

Sunday morning brought some relief to my sore throat, but my head it still quite stuffy. The warm breeze blowing in woke me up early, and in a simple celebration of the summer-like weather I had strawberries and cream for breakfast.

And finally before I forget, here is the promised photo of the dress I made a couple weeks back. It's comfortable and the pattern was so simple...

Posted at 06:13 pm by georgiacoleman

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September 14, 2007   06:48 AM PDT
hello :)
you have not changed from when u were a kid. it's very cute. mom had some silk fabric with guilded embroidery that was a remnant of something that her own mom kept. mom put it under a glass frame with a very nice matt silver/gold frame that was antique i suppose. maybe this way you can protect your quilt and still look at it... it's funny cause i called her yesterday asking if i could "inherit" those.
on another note, can you please tell me what simplicity pattern the dress is? i so love this style... thank you very much.
you will find my email in my blog.
April 29, 2007   04:32 PM PDT
Oooooh! I love that dress! Great job.
April 23, 2007   09:42 AM PDT
Love the dress! The redwork is beautiful too. I love the simpliity of it. I did a square once for a friend's quilt, and had quite forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Thanks for bringing this back to my attention. =)
April 23, 2007   02:11 AM PDT
All wonderful stuff - the embroidery, the dress and the strawberries. And own patterns. Hope you are fine soon. I envy the warm weather you seem to have, here in Stockholm is just chilly and cloudy...
April 22, 2007   10:16 PM PDT
i am embroidering a project right now with red floss too!!-how ironic is that?

I am so proud of you!!! You are a great knitter/designer-i could never make up my own patterns-you have such a gift!!! pretty soon you'll be designing your own dress patterns.

hope you feel better
April 22, 2007   10:02 PM PDT
uh oh, i think we got a model on our hands :) Love you! Missed you desperately yesterday at work but I hope you're recuperating!

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