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Apr 3, 2007

I'm a quarter of a century old today. Twenty-five always seemed like scary age for me, but now that I'm here I realize it's not nearly as old as I always imagined. Luke surprised me by coming home from work early today, and presenting me with a beautiful pair of pearl earrings to match the lovely pearl ring he gave me for Christmas. And tonight he made reservations at my favorite French restaurant Bistro Campagne. What a guy!

In honor of getting older here is a photo I found a few days back. What a messy ballerina! Check out the stains on my leotard and the toe poking through my tights.

In crafting news I am pulling out the sewing machine to make this top and dress. The orangey Navajo print is for the top and the blue plaid is for the dress.

And finally comps are over...just now the brutal waiting for results.

Posted at 01:49 pm by georgiacoleman

April 4, 2007   06:25 PM PDT
love you darling! Glad it was a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to see you.
April 4, 2007   05:30 PM PDT
Happy Birthday! I love that Navajo print you found. Can't wait to see how it turns out!
April 4, 2007   02:27 PM PDT
Happy birthday!
April 4, 2007   02:22 AM PDT
happy birthday! i'll be 25 this summer, and while i remember thinking it would be such a 'dreadful' number, i really dont feel very old at all. in fact, i was probably more mature two years ago than i am now ;) clemmy's beautiful by the way, my little mutt is totaly jealous!
April 3, 2007   09:32 PM PDT
Happy Birthday! And thank you for not freaking out about being old. BTW I'm 43 ;-}
April 3, 2007   07:45 PM PDT
Happy birthday!! Have a wonderful day, and try not to drop anything on you! :D

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