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Nov 18, 2006

It has been nine months since I last posted, and I figured if I was going to make an attempt to start posting again it was time for a little face lift. Anyhow all old posts, comments, and tags are no more, I am starting afresh.

I have been knitting and crafting alot more lately...

Here is a doll I made last night, inspired by a Russian nesting doll:

And here is some fabric I bought at Joann's as well:

Lots more to come...

Posted at 08:41 pm by georgiacoleman

mala beri
November 21, 2006   10:02 PM PST
i just love your stuff - is there anyplace i can get the patterns from? I am still looking for the bolero/shrug for my grand-daughter - anyone help!!!
November 21, 2006   08:36 PM PST
Welcome Back ! You were missed.
November 21, 2006   11:30 AM PST
Hey Georgia! I am one of many who probably never left comments on your blog before but I am happy to see you're back with new stuff. Keep on posting please. You are one of the best blogs as far as content goes! Sandi in Maryland
November 20, 2006   02:50 PM PST
yippee!! your back!
we missed you and all your craftiness
November 19, 2006   08:40 PM PST
hey missed you but glad i kept you in my faves:)
hope all is well and the doll is cute
mala beri
November 19, 2006   10:07 AM PST
oh sorry - i meant a knitting pattern for a bolero/shrug for my grand-daughter - : )
mala beri
November 19, 2006   10:00 AM PST
so glad you are back - i need your help - i am looking for a bolero for my grand daughter age six. I am in India - and have searched in vain -
thank you - and look forward to all our interesting ideas!!
November 19, 2006   09:39 AM PST
I am so happy to read you are back. I hope all has been well.
November 19, 2006   07:56 AM PST
Hooray! I've missed your lovely posts, and so happy to see you back. Hope all has been well, and I look forward hearing more. . .
November 18, 2006   11:26 PM PST
It's great to see you back. I've missed all of your wonderful knitting.

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